The internal off command is now available again for spaces that are moderated.

Eurl is used to create spaces that users can search for and join.
You can add to a group space in Webex.
Then, @mention the bot in the group space in Webex with one of the following commands:

url - Get details on how someone can join the space
qr - Get QR code to join the space
list - Anyone can see the space listed at
list off - Remove the space from public listing at
internal [comma-separated list of trusted domains] - Used to add addtional trusted domains.
internal off - Allows anyone to join the space. Note that this command is only supported for moderated spaces.
logo [opt. url] - See or set custom logo (transparent png, 50px width recommended)
logo off - Remove custom logo
description [opt. text or markdown] - See or set description
description off - Remove description
url new - Create a new url to join the space
source - Get the link to the source code for this bot
support - Join the support space for this bot
help - List commands

• You can also send a direct message to in Webex to search public and internal spaces, e.g. send the word 'test' and Eurl will return a list of all spaces with the word 'test' in the space title.

• If Eurl is set to have its list enabled in a Webex group space, then it will appear here on for users to search for and join! Whether the internal setting is used will determine which users will be able to see the space as joinable.