Eurl Bot Best Practices

When Eurl bot is added to a space, by default the space will be set with List mode Off. This prevents the space from being searchable either on or via a 1:1 space with the bot. If you want the space to be searchable then you can set List mode to On. This will allow users whose email domain is the same as the user who added the bot to the space to be able to find the space through search.

In order to control access to your spaces so unwelcome users cannot join you can follow these recommendations.

    If the bot is set as a moderator then it will be able to add anyone from a trusted domain automatically. You can add additional trusted domains using the internal [comma-separated list of trusted domains] command.
    Ensure that any domains you allow are fully trusted. For example, don't add free email domains such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc...
    If you want to allow anyone to be able to find the space who is a member of one of the trusted domains but want to control who gets added then do not set Eurl bot as a moderator. When it's not a moderator of a space it will send a notification to the space indicating someone wants to join and a moderator of the space can add them manually.
    In order to use the internal off command it is required that the space be moderated. This will allow anyone regardless of email domain to be able to either request to join if Eurl is not a moderator or join automatically if Eurl is a moderator.

There are additional security options that Webex org admins can control through Control Hub that can be found in the following articles.